That ringing in your ears? It’s not just Christmas Bells!

Are you or someone you know experiencing an annoying ringing in the ears?  Have you told yourself that you need to learn to live with it?  Has someone told you its normal with aging? The American Tinnitus Association ( estimates that more than 50 million Americans experience tinnitus.  Of these, 12 million have tinnitus that Read more about That ringing in your ears? It’s not just Christmas Bells![…]

Tinnitus keeping you awake at night?

Tinnitus typically begins as an audiological (hearing) condition, and so it is generally appropriate to consult medical providers with clinical specialties in hearing health. There are two general types of hearing health providers to consider: Audiologists (Au.D.) — Audiologists are healthcare specialists, trained in the diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss and other hearing-related disorders. Read more about Tinnitus keeping you awake at night?[…]

Good Communication Builds Good Relationships

Want better relationships in your life?  Do you feel that you can’t communicate with the men in your life because they aren’t listening?  Is it because they just aren’t hearing you?  The truth is, men are 5 times more likely to have a hearing loss than women and according to research are less likely to Read more about Good Communication Builds Good Relationships[…]

A Hearing Aid to Connect to the Internet ?

Sounds occur around us virtually all the time and they start and stop unpredictably.  We constantly monitor these changes and choose to interact with some of the sounds, for instance, when engaging in a conversation with a familiar voice.  In our daily lives, navigating and communicating in complex noise environments is met with the most Read more about A Hearing Aid to Connect to the Internet ?[…]

Is there a Link between diabetes and hearing loss?

Without a doubt, diabetes is a hot topic — and not in a particularly good way. Considered by many to be the biggest epidemic of this century, it affects more and more Americans at a staggering rate. According to the American Diabetes Association, 30 million Americans have diabetes, and 34.5 million have some form of hearing loss!  Together, Read more about Is there a Link between diabetes and hearing loss?[…]